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    Horizon Life
    Where dreams become a reality.

    a unique community donations platform of its kind.

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    Build with modern features like,

    MLN, P2P, decentralized
    Unlimited earnings

    Incentive driven marketing strategy.

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    Quickly join us and start your journey

    Give to Get
    or simply recruit to Get.

    and earn while you sleep or over a cup of coffee.

About Community

Horizon Life community members are all fighting the challenges ranging from high unemployment, low income salaries, crime, an oppressive financial system, high food prices and many more.


  • MLN
  • Peer to Peer
  • Decentralized
  • Unlimited earnings
  • Instant Bonus
  • Incentive driven recruitment
  • online support
  • Multiple Plans

Don't be left out, the power of peer 2 peer is here ,HL aims to change lives!

Click below to join the only community , that will see you realise your dreams.

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What you get

Horizon 15

You get 40% in 15 Days . Funds allocated in 0 - 3 Days.
Min-R500 / Max-R4000 .

Horizon 30

You get 100% in 30 Days . Funds allocated in 0 - 3 Days.
Min-R1000 / Max-R5000 .

Horizon 45

You get 150% in 45 Days . Funds allocated in 0 - 3 Days.
Min-R1500 / Max-R8000 .

Horizon 60

You get 250% in 60 Days . Funds allocated in 0 - 3 Days.
Min-R2000 / Max-R10000 .

Horizon 75

You get 350% in 75 Days . Funds allocated in 0 - 3 Days.
Min-R3000 / Max-R11000 .

Horizon 90

You get 500% in 90 Days . Funds allocated in 0 - 3 Days.
Min-R4000 / Max-R12000 .

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